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Brighton 911 Memorial 5K   Fit Terrific's On Its Way!   Rainbow Rewards Passes 2M!   Karma Run Takes Off!
Brighton 911 Memorial 5K
The Brighton 911 Memorial 5K Run took place in Brighton, Michigan on September 6th, 2012. Using Provident through Fitness Sponsors the inaugural Brighton 9-11 5k raised over $6000.
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Fit Terrific's On Its Way!
Fit Terrific uses Provident's Enterprise and Rewards platform to offer great deals and discounts on all things Fitness related.
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Rainbow Rewards Passes 2M!
Rainbow Rewards has been operating its cash back program on the Provident Enterprise platform since 2004 to run its multi-million member brick and mortar, cash back platform. Look for the Rainbow Rewards decal in Merchants throughout the west.
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Karma Run Takes Off!
Registration for the Dallas Karma Run opens November 1st. Provident Plugins allow the Karma Run to do everything they want in their own system, including tracking referrals, commissions, points and more across a plethora of teams, charities and participants.
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Fitness Sponsors Goes Live!     Saline Area Baseball   Motor City Bike Ride
Fitness Sponsors Goes Live!
Fitness Sponsors uses Provident Enterprise to successfully manage event and race registrations, online payment collection, user accounts and much more.
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Loyalty Benefits Online!
When it comes to providing customer loyalty benefits and rewards, Provident's Rewards platform is in a class all by itself. It's easy to manage online discounts, coupons, cash back rewards and much more.
Saline Area Baseball
The Saline Area Baseball team in Texas uses Provident Lite to manage its team website, including updating photo galleries, videos, user comments, team schedule, roster, etc.
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Motor City Bike Ride
The Motor City Bike Ride uses Provident Lite to help organize their 62-mile charity bike ride to help DKWIO raise funds to provide healthy programming for children living in the Motor City.
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