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Launch Team

How about starting with a team of professionals with expertise in precisely those areas that you are least familiar, and those areas you don't want to develop the expertise, or find, interview, and hire that staff with that expertise.

We're talking Technology, Online Ecommerce, Commission Programming, PCI Compliance. All those areas that will put a drain on the energy and enthusiasm you need to get your business going. Don't worry! You go charge up the sales force and get your business moving. We'll take care of the mundane details of browser compatibility, responsive websites, commission processing, etc.

It's what we do. It's what we love to do!

You can get a Technical Project Manager, Senior Developer, Designer and a Commission Modeller for less than it would cost to hire one programmer and you have no payroll tax, unemployment, equipment, insurance or any of those other worries and red tape that come with bringing in new employees.

Launch Team.
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Development Services.
Development Services
It's amazing that there are still numerous software applications that expect your business to fit their technology. What's even more amazing is the more you pay for software the more often you need to change your business to fit your software. Not Provident.

Provident was made to be custom fit to your business and at an affordable rate.

You always have options with Provident. You can use your own developers, you can request assistance from us, or a blend of the two. The bottom line: It's your business. Your software application should reflect that.
Design Services
When we first created the initial version of Provident over 10 years ago, we coined a phrase that became a philosophy and a standard in everything we do with Provident. It's called "Designer Friendly."

Designer Friendly means a designer with a little HTML experience can change the way your instance of Provident looks, feels and works. Provident is so Designer Friendly that there are instances of Provident that we ourselves don't even recognize!

What does this mean to you? It means you can deliver exactly that look, feel, and emotion you want to convey to your audience. Our designers are very good and they are experts in customizing Provident's front-end. But to be honest, it pretty darn simple to redesign Provident and make it uniquely yours. So easy in fact, that with a little bit of instruction, your own designers can be off and running.

The bottom line here: Use our designers because you like the look and the feel of our work, not because you think other designers can't work with Provident…They can…with ease!
Designer Friendly.
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