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Provident Enterprise.
Provident™ Enterprise
You need to inspire your sales force, thrill your customer base and you better get your commissions and referral payments right. Sleep well at night with complete confidence knowing you have a rock solid relationship and revenue management system!

We’ve been providing Commission and Referral tracking since 1999. The Provident Commission and Tracking Engine has stood the test of time, has proven itself flexible across numerous verticals and has scaled to multi-million member applications.
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Feature List
Real Time Commissions
Online Enrollment w/ Tracking
HTML & Flash Genealogy
Unilevel, Binary, Force Matrix
Two Ups, Breakaways, Coded
Weekly & Monthly Commissions
Customizable Distributor Backoffice
Personalized Distributor Websites
Integrated Rewards
Integrated Email
Social Network Integration
Dynamic Content
Community Group Support
Provident Cloud Lite™
No Way?...Yes Way!...You can launch your online MLM business without paying a single penny for a software license! In November we will be awarding 5 license free instances of Provident Cloud Lite™. It’s a first-come, first-served basis, so contact us now and see if your business qualifies. We are looking for 5 start-up businesses, with enthusiasm, energy and a desire to succeed.

Provident Cloud Lite is a hosted starter version of Provident. While it is scaled back from the Provident Global Force, it includes many powerful features not found in the expensive versions of other MLM software applications: Unilevel, Binary, and Forced Matrix Genealogies, Generational, Retail, Fast-Start, Team-Cycle, Balanced Leg Payouts, Replicated Marketing pages for your resellers & more!

If you are one of the lucky 5 businesses, you will gain the benefits of Provident Cloud Lite without paying any license fees. You will only pay for nominal hosting and any special customization that you don’t want to do yourself. An integrated Joomla CMS system means designing your public site is easy, flexible, and you can get a world of designers to set it up just as you want.

If you are starting an MLM or Referral Marketing business, you could not dream of a better way to launch your business, so apply now. Transition plans from Provident Lite to Provident Global Force are available.
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Provident Cloud Lite.
Provident Plugins.
Provident™ Plugins
Do you want to use your own online store, but want someone else to take away the headaches of tracking referrals, genealogy & calculating real-time commissions... with instant qualification updates? "People In Trees" is the service that can bring this to you. Solutions start as little as $79 per month.
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